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The top dog must go and a new chief enter the kennel

Western Bulldog Daniel Giansiracusa said after the teams win against the Adelaide Crows on Friday night that Rodney Eade has shone through adversity this year. I agree, however, the bulldogs need a new coach to take the reins, convey new ideas and get the red, white and blue back into a ‘real’ finals contender.

Eade has now been at the helm for the seven years and it is my opinion that he has taken them as far as the current list can go – a list which is still too small and unable to compete against the big four – Geelong, Collingwood, Hawthorn and St.Kilda.

To support my opinion I headed away and delved into the record books from the past several seasons. The bulldogs have been been both exciting and frustrating for fans of the team which has only won one premiership – that being back in 1954.

Here are some figures to back up my claims to change the teams approach and head honcho. In 2010, the Western Bulldogs finished the season 4th of the ladder with 14 wins and 8 losses; they then proceeded through to the finals and made the preliminary final only to fall short by 24 points against St.Kilda – the team who would go on to play in the grand final and grand final replay. This loss would start the demise of the dogs.

In 2009, the boys from Footscray ended the season in 3rd position but would lose against the Saints (in the preliminary final) by 7 points. In 2008, they finished 3rd with 15 wins, 6 losses and a draw but would crumble against Geelong by 29 points. The bulldogs didn’t make the finals in 2007 but in 2006 they were thumped against the West Coast Eagles in the west.

It is time for a new coach to take charge, alter the game plan which is not so obvious, and recruit players in key positions. Minson hasn’t shown anything for a few seasons now and Brian Lake, an All-Australian, has lost the spark and looks uninterested. The only players that call stand tall include Cross, Boyd (Captain), and Ryan Griffen.

What are your thoughts?

I am a Western Bulldogs supporter and past member.


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