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AFL Round 17

The good

  1. Young guns maul the tigers: The Gold Coast Suns had a come from behind win against prominent 9th place finishers,Richmond, on Saturday. The yellow and black had a 6.8 to 1.2 at the end of the first change but then they kicked only 1 behind in the second compared to 6.4 from the Suns. They were excellent in their 15 point win and in doing so, got off the bottom of the ladder.
  2. Collingwood: The Pies had a funny week – firstly, Mick Malthouse was a close to being a ‘fool’ on Thursday night’s Footy Show. He asked to go on the show then just confused everyone including the club’s CEO Garry Pert who was far from amused. Secondly, ‘Bet-Gate’ came along with Shaw and Captain Nick Maxwell being found out. Shaw must be struggling for money. However, Collingwood put all that behind them and won well againstCarlton.
  3. Drew Petrie: He continues to perform big each week – on Sunday against the Dogs he kicked 5 goals and dominated Tom Williams – 23 disposals with 16 being contested and 11 marks.
  4. Jonathan Brown’s courage.
  5. Jimmy Bartel: Awesome game againstBrisbanewith 32 possessions – 14 in the last quarter when the game was up for grabs.

The bad & the ugly

  1. Adelaide Crows: Port Adelaide are just terrible, but Adelaide have to be the most disappointing side; the Crows have the ability to get a decent margin as they did against Essendon on Friday night but they continuously, as what happened during the week’s opener, stopped playing and let the Bombers run over the top of them.
  2. The holding the ball rule: I am sick of seeing one player with eyes and zeal for the ball be pinged for holding the ball. In many cases, a player doesn’t have the ball but the tackling player is holding the ball against the bottom player’s chest with no way to get it out – reward the player who is going for the ball!!!
  3. Sydney: You are playing at home…you are playing against the team which is terrible away from Perth…Tadgh Kennelly – give the ball back instead of giving 50m penalties away at a crucial stage!!! Freo won if you’re unsure.
  4. Journos / Tom Scully talk: Journos just don’t seem to get it…if they’re not going to answer stop asking, let the kid play football and when he signs, he signs – I’m sure you have other ‘exclusives’ to break.
  5. Bias in the box: To those former players who now sit behind the microphones and commentate on their old clubs…stop being so biased.

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