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TDF Stage 18: Clash of the Gladiators

I sat down and didn’t move for the time it took Andy Schleck to take out stage 18 of the Tour de France; what an awesome 198.4km of first class cycling from Pinerolo to Galibier – Serre Chevalier. It was a stage made for the gladiators and the strongest and bravest of them all triumphed – Andy Schleck.

Andy Schleck made a courageous move when he took off from the peloton without support, but that didn’t seem to faze him as he had a teammate ahead and was gaining time back from the yellow jersey and Cadel Evans.

When Schleck caught his teammate Maxine Monfort it was just the start of one of the great stage rides in TDF history as he started to apply more and more pressure to the breakaway.

Back in the peloton it was a calm bunch of riders who thought that Andy had gone to early – oh how they were about to be proved wrong.

Stage 18 saw strategy and hard work pay off; it had front row seats to the guts and determination shown from Thomas Voeckler and Cadel Evans; and it was a witness to the fall of Alberto Contador who is gone from contention.

The one rider who has yet to really exert his power is that of the other Schleck – Frank. Frank enjoyed the French mountains today as he sat in the peloton smiling as his brother powered on ahead. When Evans started to peel back some time on Andy in the last 15kms, Frank sat in the saddle near the rear waiting for the right time to make his move. That move came in the last 1km and he now is eyeing off the podium in France and maybe, just maybe, the yellow jersey from his brother and team leader.

Tomorrow we are set for another clash of the titans; what will the efforts delivered do to these great athletes? In my opinion it is set for Frank Schleck to assert his skills, but then Cadel will be hard to hold out in the time trial.

Stay turned – the TDF is just heating up.




  1. Gillie

    This was the first stage I managed to afford the time to stay up and watch….. And I definately picked the right one! Andys early break I thought would play into the hands of Evans as it would tire A. Schleck too early, as an early break with 60km to go seemed unmanageable to hold out until the end. A bold move paid off, but at what expense on his body? Voeckler has one man to thank for retaining the yellow jersey for a tenth day, and that’s the man who I hope will soon take it from him, Cadel Evans. Cmon Aussie Cmon!

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