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Round 19: The Good, The Bad, and the (downright) Ugly

Just like Rome in the gladiator times, round 19 proved to be a slaughter for some and victorious for others. Two differently contested matches but similar conclusions for Geelong and Collingwood who were imperious in their display of skill and yearning for the ball. The Demons were their own worst enemies as they entered the battle field full of hope but left with careers and confidence in tatters and supporters ravenous for blood.

Round 19 proved very good and very bad for several teams, but there were plenty more standouts on both sides this week.


Geelong: Simply awesome.

Pies and a Swan: a 104-point turnaround victory against the Bombers on Sunday afternoon; the second half was devastating. The otherhigh pointof the game was that of Dane Swan. It has been documented that since returning fromArizona, Swan has possessions count has been 33, 33, 39, 21 and 45 on the weekend.

Dean Cox: The Eagles were facing an easy win at half time and then a loss in the second half. The Bulldogs started to get a bit of their bark back and went head to head with West Coast in the final two terms. Cox showed why he is the best ruckman in the game and as Leigh Matthews said on the weekend, the best ever. Cox made two key plays in the dying minutes at Etihad Stadium; firstly, a pack mark in the back line and then another in the Eagles forward 50 which resulted in a goal and the 4 points.

Taylor Walker: The enigmatic Crows forward welcomed the change of personnel in the coaching box. Mark Bickley rushedWalkerback into the line up and his confidence in the player was rewarded with 4 goals and 17 disposals. Hunger does a lot to a player.


Gold Coast Suns kicking: The Suns produced 6.18 against St.Kilda on Saturday night (they too kicked poorly with 10.14). I believe the awful kicking cost them the game as they failed to put scoreboard pressure on the improving Saints.

Fremantle: The Hawks started in excellent manner against the home side at Patersons Stadium with six unanswered goals in 12 minutes and went into the first break with a 37 point lead. Enter torrential rain. Exit any chance of a Fremantle victory. 51 point loss at home is not acceptable.

Emotion from a coach sacked: Why is it that teams who are struggling seem to always get up the next week after their head honcho loses his job and then drop off again? Let’s see howAdelaidego this week. Play with passion each week I say.


Melbourne Football Club: Dean Bailey has been the scapegoat and his tenure at the helm of the Demons is now officially over. Bailey was sacked on Sunday night – just over a day from he massive loss – a tactical error so close after a loss, and another example of how poorly managed this club is. Now, the coach is always going to get chop but in my opinion, the list needs a revival as does the head of the ship. Jim Stynes should step down – he has done a fantastic job for his beloved side but he best focus his efforts on his health; he can still support but in another capacity. The CEO is gone, whether it be today, midweek or Friday we will have to wait.

There are too many players who are not worthy of their position and this MUST be looked at.

Melbourne players/captain with smiles on their face: I agree with Mark Robinson here with his comments on Brad Green seen smiling throughout his after-game press conference. Your club just got bent over and spanked as well as humiliated and yet you display what is wrong with the club…too nice! Get furious! Further on the next day, players entering the club looking like they don’t care…come on, show something!!!

Razor Ray Charles: Please retire; you’re getting worse each game you umpire, so again, please retire.


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