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Iron Fist Required by Demons New Coach

Here’s a thought – let’s hold a press conference with the ever-growing and all-powerful leadership groups when performance is unacceptable rather than throwing meat to the lions ala Dean Bailey and the waiting journos.

Hold a media conference with Captain Brad Green and VC Aaron Davey; invite Jared Rivers and how about Brent Moloney attends also since he was reinstated in the leadership group – Nathan Jones and Grimes to also receive invitations.

Leadership groups have acquired and continue to gain more influence and power – HOWEVER – they seldom step up when a coach’s neck is on the line.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but the only change has been that of Bailey; no modifications made to those aforementioned.

Now I’m not ignorant; I understand that in the end the coach is held responsible and in certain cases, their tenure comes to a close and contract at the club is worth less than the paper his signature is on.

Much has been spoken and documented on since Melbourne’s crushing defeat on the weekend; we have witnessed the sacking of Bailey and the talk and innuendo surrounding club CEO Cameron Schwab.

Melbourne should continue on an end of year clearance and depart with Schwab; Jim Stynes (and I said this in my round 19 wrap up) should focus on his health as in the end that is more important – he can still be a dominate figure further behind the scenes.

Leadership is crumbling within the club. It was said that Schwab would be walked and Bailey to get a contract extension but that all changed on Saturday; the reverse happened. There is severe unrest with players approaching key personnel including Stynes; there is unrest between the CEO and the board over his philosophy and way of conducting business.

The question on leadership was dragged into the spotlight earlier in the year when Brent Moloney was stripped of the role in the core group after a late night drinking session. A few good games was found to be good enough for him to be reappointed…hmmm, is that really setting a good example for the young guys and how much does that say about the club taking it serious?

The Dees should take note of Collingwood and Geelong on the leadership front; no one can question how they have gone about establishing and maintaining an effective culture and leadership program.

Melbourne need a coach who will be demanding on his players and silence the administration side; it is a necessity for them to have a coach in place that will be the chief and lead from the front because the current crop of so called leaders wearing the blue and red jumper do not, do not, have what it takes.


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  1. Mal

    If you look at most Clubs in the AFL you will find major flaws in how they are led and administered. Melbourne’s problems centre around culture. They have been down for so long some really bad ‘behaviours’ have become almost ingrained. You are correct in suggesting that they need some strong leadership (on and off the field) and they need to scuttle those that are not committed.

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