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2011 All-Australian Team…agree or disagree?

With only a few weeks to go before the finals series commences, I have assembled what the All-Australian should look like; do you agree or disagree?


Dales Morris: Has been one of the shining lights for the Western Bulldogs this year; if it weren’t for him in many cases they would’ve suffered more defeats.

Matthew Scarlett: key forwards he has played on haven’t bothered the scorekeeper greatly this year as well as being ranked highly in disposal efficiency.

Heath Shaw: has been instrumental for the Pies this year from the back line. It is a great sight-seeing Shaw take a few bounces down the wing and deliver it nicely to the big forwards.


Jimmy Bartel: A marketing and tackling machine who continues to fly under the radar by continually beats his opponent.

Ben Reid: effective key back who can stop the big forwards; season highlights include 21 disposals and 10 marks against St Kilda on the weekend and 31 disposals with 11 marks and a goal vs. Hawthorn.

James Kelly: has stepped it up a gear this year; Kelly has been excellent in applying fierce pressure inside 50. Kelly is ranked 3rd in tackles per game and is averaging 24 disposals. Against highly ranked clubs, Kelly has produced quality. Against Collingwood he racked up 22 touches, 7 tackles and a goal; 11 tackles and 24 disposals vs. Hawthorn; and 24 possessions, 14 tackles and a goal when Geelong played West Coast in Perth.


Matthew Boyd: gaining more than 30 possessions per game, 5.3 tackles and 2nd in total inside 50s; also, never stops running for his team.

Sam Mitchell: has dominated this year with contest possessions, a blonde diesel Williams?

Joel Sellwood: started the year off slow but has picked up and as we all know, he is one of the toughest players who puts his head over the ball at all times.


Dale Thomas: averaging 25.2 touches per week; applying fantastic tackling pressure and slotting through the goals.

Lance Franklin: Ranked 1st in goals per game.

Marc Murphy: one of the main challengers against Judd for Charlie.


Andrew Walker: versatile player who will win mark of the year; best season from him – winning the ball, kicking goals and making tackles.

Travis Cloke: Not only has he been in good kicking form, Cloke has stepped up his ability to apply pressure inside 50.

Garry Ablett Jnr: will be up there in the Charlie stakes.


Dean Cox: best in the business and Leigh Matthews has stated possibly the best ruckman ever.

Chris Judd: about to become a triple Brownlow medallist.

Scott Pendlebury: Norm Smith medallist who has continued his scintillating form this year. Ranked 7th in disposals per game and in tackles, in addition to being positioned 12th in goal assist per game.


Adam Goodes

Drew Petrie

Jordan Lewis

Dane Swan


John Worsfold



  1. BP

    Heath Shaw will not be named in the official All Australian team. He most certainly has the ability however he has missed too many game due to the betting scandal suspension. The AFL simply would not allow it. Replace with Brett Deledio.

    What has Jordan Lewis done this year? Definatly not All Australian. This position should be filled by either Nick Dal Santo, Scott Thompson or Gary Ablett who would vacate the forward pocket for a true small forward in Stephen ‘Tip Rat’ Milne or Eddie Betts.

    This team also seems to have to many players picked out of position. I think you may have tried to go down the path of picking the best 22 players not the best players by position?

  2. Tip Rat and Betts don’t deliver against the key contenders…check their stats…they just can’t.

    i put Jordan Lewis in the side (coming off the bench) due to his ‘proven’ ability to hit targets up forwards – he has been instrumental in scoring assists.

    The selectors will probably take the political route and leave Shaw out of the side, but his run and carry from the back line and set the goal kickers is vital.

    Ablett has played forward but I appreciate that he has cemented his spot in the midfield; however, he does prove an option to change with an on-baller. Put Garry Jnr in the pocket against the Pies and the Hawks…and he will kick you a score, not go missing.

    In today’s game, players need to be versatile and that is what this team is. Walker on the HF is an option as he has done to head down back too.

  3. BP

    All Australian teams are picked on the whole season – Goals: Ablett = 17 Betts = 45 Milne = 47. As a small forward the latter two have delivered. Ablett is a mid fielder. You dont need to kick five + goals against the top four sides to be All Australian. If that was the case…… there would be no AA forward line.

    Lewis would be lucky to make Mike Sheehans top fifty….All Australian…..I dont think so.

    Shaw – 14 games out of 23. No matter how good he is….not going to be All Australian. Undisciplined behaviour – really has let himself, his club and the AFL down. Lucky to still be an AFL player and not banned for life. Does not deserve any reward such as AA.

    Morris will not be AA either. Gibbs, Goddard, Fisher, Scotland, Heppell, R. Murphy, Enright have all been better.

    Very tough AA to pick this year. Not many absolute stand outs apart from Judd. A good effort Cam, but may have missed the mark slightly in my opinion.

  4. The All-Australian team, be it mine, Leigh Matthews’, Mike Sheehan, or the AFL selectors, won’t please every body.

    I welcome you to put your team on paper BP. I look forward to reading the line-up.

    We all have different criteria and the players in my team adhere to that. Kicking a bag against lowly ranked sides for me doesn’t cut it, but we all have opinions.

    Cheers for the comments BP.

  5. Donal McCann

    Looks pretty good. Dunno about Jordan Lewis and Travis Cloke. I’d put Cyril Rioli before Lewis and I’m sure there is a better forward than Cloke.

  6. Scott

    I know the diehard VIC supporters will not agree, but Worsfold for coach would be a fair selection given how he has turned a team from abysmal (wooden spooners) to potentially Top 4 in the space of a year is nothing short of incredible. When JW said a few years back that by 2012 Eagles would be flag contenders people publicly ridiculed him, with a couple of big finals games that could happen even a year early!

    Though I must say he would be fighting with Malthouse who continues to set the benchmark and Chris Scott for keeping an “old”/past it/has been” Cats squad immensely successful.

    Rest of the squad looks pretty good, though do agrees with sentiments regarding Shaw and Lewis.

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