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Cats clip Hawthorn’s wings

It started how we expected. Tough football and a close struggle.

Hawthorn were on top when you looked up at the scoreboard but the pressure they applied to Geelong was significant. Osborne occupied and kept Scarlett out of the match, and their poor kicking kept the Cats in the game.

In the 2nd quarter, Chapman and Ottens began with a tap, catch and thump down into the Geelong forward 50. Then again with Chapman who teamed up with Hunt to kick a major. The third tapout was once again won by Ottens and the game was set-up for the Cats. The second period was similar to that against Collingwood when Geelong just bombed the ball forward. Hawkins and J-Pod also were big for the Cats. Ottens was the key though and could’nt be stopped. Was the game the Cats to lose when Bartel picked up his fumble and snapped to goal?

The premiership period saw Hodge start forward and have an impact straight away. Sewell started to have more of a role which included him not giving up in the centre and continued to push the ball forward with three attempts. However, Varcoe introduce his speed into the game and the J-Pod once more stepped up with a goal. Within 20 seconds, Hawkins had the ball in his hands and kicked a major. The midfield, just like the second quarter, dominated for the Cats and resulted in a Johnson goal. Josh Hunt and Ottens proved effective for Geelong.

The final quarter was set for Geelong to lose, and although they waster opportunities in the forward 50, the Cats were far too good. West flew high and the Cats hopes followed as they moved into another prelim final. Bad news came for the Hawks in the four period of the match with Buddy Franklin going down with a leg injury – possibly ruling him out for the remainder of the finals.

What I noticed: Varcoe’s tackle and tap was amazing and was a turning point. Mitchell was stopped by Ling. Hodge never gave up. It was one of Josh hunt’s best games. Geelong continued their winning record over the Hawks.


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