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Italy becomes the Wallabies new best mate

Australian’s will swap their gold for azzurri this Sunday night when Italy face off against the unbeaten Irish line-up in the final match for pool C in the opening round.

The Italian’s opened their world cup campaign with a 6-32 loss against Australia before toppling Russia comfortably 53-17, and enter this weekend’s battle in Dunedin with confidence after a 27-10 win over the USA.

Ireland have had a similar world cup with successes over Russia and the USA by alike margins, however, the men in green have in their pockets a win over Australia.

Two games remain in pool C. On Saturday, Australia will win well when they take to the pitch against the Russian’s, and then Sunday, Ireland versus Italy.

In my article titled ‘Who Will Win Bill?’, I highlighted this Sunday night’s game as one to watch among others, but no other match holds more importance.

Here it is laid out. If Ireland wins, the Wallabies will move into the Springboks and All-Blacks side of the draw. An Italian win will most likely send the Australian’s into the easier side of the draw. I’m sure however that the Poms and French will have something to say about that.

In the 15-6 win over the Robbie Dean’s led Wallabies, Ireland dominated the more favoured forwards and they will need to do the same against the Italian’s – an area in which they pride themselves on. It must be said though that Australia had a depleted line-up.

Sunday night’s match is already a sell-out.


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