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Calm down Eddie, its just business

“If they (Greater Western Sydney) go after Scott Pendlebury, I will declare war on Greater Western Sydney.”

The fighting words were delivered via Triple M’s speakers by the one and only, Eddie McGuire.

The Collingwood President went further saying, “I will steal every one of their good players for the rest of my life.”

Is Eddie failing to remember something here or is the media-megastar opportunely putting his head in the sand? Remember this is the same man that sweet-talked former Collingwood coach Mick Malthouse from the West Coast Eagles in 1999, with a year remaining on his contract.

Now as well all know, Malthouse has left the building and will apply his jaded vocal chords in the media next year.

And with Malthouse saga out of the way, the 2012 season looms as the ‘The Scott Pendlebury Show’, well at least for those at the Westpac Centre, and not just for his efforts on-field I must add.

The star midfielder signed a 12-month extension which prompted many to buy-in to the fable the he did so on purpose to entice an offer from the leagues newest club. Journalists reported that the ‘all-powerful’ club was shocked.

However, consider this. The AFL bargaining agreement between the AFLPA and the league is yet to be signed, sealed and delivered. Financially, Pendles has made a smart business decision.

Despite the simple aforementioned facts will no doubt be forced to read the same dribble, the same boring articles in the morning papers.

Blow my brains out boring.

But with Eddie McGuire making statements such as “I will go feral. I will make it my life’s ambition to destroy them and run them into the ground.” The astute media man is over reacting.

As Gordon Gekko explains to shareholders in the movie ‘Wall Street’, “greed, for a lack of a better work, is good.” Maybe Eddie was watching this when he approached Malthouse to take the helm at the Magpies.

You can’t blame GWS for chasing the big names in AFL. They have the resources to throw around and they will. Tom Scully, case in point.

AFL is a business and Eddie, you more than anyone must appreciate that.


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