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WARNING: Today’s journalism contains traces of peanuts

This will be brief and to the point.

I’m not going to touch on the gutter journalism led by the likes of Today Tonight and A Current Affair.

This piece focuses on sports journalism and the recent article from News Limited on the President Cup.

The article comes under the sports banner although it would be better suited to the tabloid magazines.

The title of the article reads ‘Steve Williams slams Tiger Woods again in TV interview.’

The unnamed journalist states on the @heraldsun website, “Williams spoke out about Woods’ much publicised infidelity in an interview to air today on Yahoo! Sports, canning the former world No.1 for his long list of affairs.”

Whether Williams should really be heard or not is another story, however if he is going to accept media requests, Williams should stick to comments pertinent to the golf course

Williams goes on to say that he had no idea about Woods’ affairs, adding “I don’t agree with that sort of behaviour. I mean, I would have been strongly giving my piece of advice.”

This is a pathetic attempt to get a headline.

If you ask the golfing executives behind the President’s Cup, they would say more numbers the better however it is how they get those numbers through the gates that count.

Let’s get a few things straight.

Williams didn’t ‘slam’ his former boss.

The outspoken ‘bag carrier’ simply remarked that he didn’t approve. Wouldn’t any male or female with morals say the same if you asked them?

Secondly, if you are going to ask those questions then you should expect a response akin to what Williams came back with.

This is purely a publicity stunt and a poor one at that. Who really cares what Williams says these days – he has made sure that when he opens his mouth his comments aren’t taken too serious.

How about this?

Focus on the golf.

Focus on the players whacking the balls.

And cut away with the garbage.

Be it golf with Williams versus Woods or AFL and ‘The Tom Scully Saga’, just focus on the sports people and not the trashy stories.


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