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Cricket Australia goes South

“Very exciting.” That’s how the newly named coach of the Australian cricket team summed up his appointment.

CricketAustraliathis afternoon announced South African John Michael “Mickey” Arthur will be taking the helm of our national team.

In being chosen to steer our best cricketers back to the number one ranking, Arthur becomes the first foreign national to coach the side.

The 43 year-old who played South African domestic from 1985 to ‘2001. Arthur then went on to coach the South African national team for a period of five years and he is well aware how dominant the Australian’s can be. In his introduction as a head coach at international level, Arthur’s charges were wiped from the park against the Aussies away and then at home.

Many will question the appointment of a non-Australian in the days and weeks to come. Arthur pipped more than 70 applicants and was one of six who were interviewed.

A recommendation made by the Argus Report to CricketAustraliawas that they needed to undertake a global search to identify the best person, Regardless of nationality.

“I think I have a really good idea of where we need to go with the team and what we need to do to have sustainable success over the next period of time,” Arthur said.

The South African added, “I think that I bring an unblinkered view. A view of having coached and analysed against a lot ofAustraliaplayers during my time, but also having worked in the Australian system for the past year and a half.”


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