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Kenyon Martin to Miami Heat?

The Miami Heat may well have a commitment from 2004 NBA All-Star and former Denver Nuggets and Xinjiang Flying Tigers F Kenyon Martin.

Martin who was released by the Chinese club on December 24 could well be back in an NBA jersey by as soon as February 16.

The first overall selection in the 2000 draft according to sources have the Heat, Clippers, Hawks, Spurs and Knicks as teams of interest.

Martin, 34, is eager to go to a team with strong contention where he will play a substantial role.

If the 6’9’’ F limits his options to those five teams mentioned, then money won’t be the biggest factor. The Clips, Knicks, Spurs and Hawks can offer Martin around $2.5m plus. The Heat has only $1.4m to play with.

This is why Martin will decide on playing in Miami when the Flying Tigers season ends.

Factor one. Age. Factor two. A ring.

It’s that simple.

Imagine the lineup the Heat will have if they sign Martin. Miami would have Mario Chalmers and D-Wade in the backcourt with LeBron, Martin and Bosh in the frontcourt.

That would mean four NBA All-Stars in the same team. I can see the Michael Douglas aka Gordon Gekko lookalike Pat Riley sitting back in his executive chair saying, “greed is good.”

Martin is expected to make a decision next week.


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