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Just don’t mention tanking – Spain v Brazil #Olympics

Spain v Brazil

TONIGHT’S basketball Group B matchup between Spain and Brazil is simply tantalizing. However, in a variation to John Cleese’s famous ‘Faulty Towers’ line, just don’t mention tanking.

Tanking has gone global (or viral to those following via Twitter) the past month with the hideous seven letter word appearing in Australia thanks to Brock McLean and the Melbourne Football Club, and in London at this year’s greatest sports spectacle – the Olympic Games.

I am fed up with hearing of tanking yet I broach the issue – why?

In short, the winner of tonight’s clash is actually seen as, well, the loser. Let’s say the South Americans are victorious, their reward is 99.9999 percent a battle with Team USA. Be beaten by the Europeans and an easier game versus Russia is likely on the cards.

Can anyone else smell the foul stench Chinese, South Korean and Indonesian flavoured badminton?

Surely the Olympics committee and basketballs governing body, FIBA, would have a feeling that one or both of the true medal contenders would to be frank, throw the match. Would they? made an interesting point noting that Spain’s NBA players Marc Gasol and Juan Carlos Navarro have been competing with injuries, thus resting them against Brazil seems the intelligent move. This would ensure they’re rested for the knockout stage when the lineup will need to be at full strength and 100 percent fit.

Spain and Brazil are full of professional: they wouldn’t deliberately lose a match. Neither side would baulk at taking on Team USA – it is the biggest challenge in the Olympic tournament and if one was to defeat Kobe, LeBron, KD and co, they would be the team that is remembered and not the eventual gold medallists.

Boomers defeat Russia

EARLY tonight, Australia triumphed over the unbeaten Russian outfit 82-80 after a Patty Mills three-pointer at the buzzer. The Boomers will now play Team USA (assuming they win against Argentina early tomorrow morning.


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